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Journey to Energy Healing Work: An Inside Look

From dancer and choreographer, Pilates instructor, and licensed Massage Therapist to an energy healing practitioner.

Although some say healing work can be learned, I beg to differ.  I believe healing work first and foremost requires having an innate gift and a profoundly sensitive soul.  Without that, all the education in the world can’t make that person an energy healer.

And the flip side is that without solid study and training, the innate gift alone also will not make that person an energy healer..

As Jill Leigh said so eloquently in How to Build a Successful Energy Healing Practice:

I believe strongly that gifts are really latent talents. When Serena Williams was handed her first tennis racket, she likely demonstrated a gift and flair for tennis. She would never have risen to the incredible heights that she has as a tennis champion without days, weeks, months and years of training, practice, coaching along with winning and losing lots of matches.

I recently created a new website for Mindy Cervi Spadacenta, a deeply sensitive energy healing practitioner whose journey to healing work confirms that it takes both gifts and years of training.

Mindy graciously agreed to give us an inside peek into her personal journey from dancer and choreographer to energy healing practitioner.

And now comes for the best part … Q & A with Mindy

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