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Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

I strip away the unnecessary so potential clients see what’s most important — the work you do and the value you provide.

But beautiful design is only one part of the puzzle. I integrate design with clear, SEO optimized copy that builds on your strengths and helps you succeed online.

I enjoy seeing my clients do well with their work. I want your website to make you happy, knowing it’s an authentic expression of who you are and the work you do. If that’s the kind of website you want, then head over to my Get Started page. 

Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

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An Accidental Solopreneur

How I came to this work is a story in itself, more an “accident” than an intentional goal. I’ve always been passionate about my work and deeply committed to living an authentic, inspired life.

Whether in the mountains of Central America working as a humanitarian worker, or shut up in isolation doing research on some historical or present injustice, I was always driven by some deep inner need to make sense of things, to make order. But to be in business? No, not me…

Or so I thought! But life has a way of helping us find the things we need to grow, to stretch, to rise above our self-imposed limitations, and life certainly helped move me from the non-profit/activist role into the self-employed web designer role. It was a natural progression really.

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Finding the Essence

As a writer and someone who loves to find the essence, the root of things — I love helping clients create a web site that truly reflects who they are and what they do.

I’m a lifelong student and love to learn. I studied Economics and International Relations in college, and POLS/Public Administration in graduate school. I am also a certified yoga teacher with a love for supporting others on their wellness journey.

U.S born, I have lived in Israel since 2000 and enjoy working with clients from the US, Europe, and Asia.

If you’re looking to thrive online and in your business, head over to Getting Started.

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