Q1: Would you share the backdrop of your journey — what led you to become a holistic practitioner, and why you work specifically with chronic illness?

I have always been interested in personal evolution. I didn’t use that terminology way back when I was a little person, but being aware of other people’s discomfort and feeling drawn to help is something that is at the core of who I am. In thinking about a career track, I could never settle on a particular helping profession. Nothing felt quite right. I went the corporate route instead, gaining a lot of practical business experience and approaching each job I had through the lens of curiosity and “How can I make this better?”

Flash forward. After many years of “being helpful” I realized I had taken responsibility for everything around me to my own detriment. Lots of personal work identified what the underlying issues were but somehow I wasn’t able to change the way I interacted with the world.

I began exploring energy as the root and cause of everything and a light bulb went off.

I followed that path for a while by reading, taking a few classes, exploring various forms of energy healing. Ultimately, I landed on the couch in Jill Leigh’s office and knew I had come home.

Years of clearing and evolving my underlying energy patterns allowed me to change in pretty significant ways. This eventually led to coursework with Jill and I began to formally study the energy system she teaches in her practitioner program with the idea of opening my practice. It has been the foundation of my client practice and everything I have studied since. One of the benefits of her system was that it taught me how to take care of my own energy body first so that I could then help others from an embodied, compassionate, boundaried place without holding the responsibility for someone else’s healing process.

Q2: You are certified in and use the Lyme Magnetic Protocol when working with your clients. What is this protocol and how do you use when working with clients?

The Lyme Magnetic Protocol is a form of biomagnetic energy therapy. It uses pairs of magnets placed on certain anatomical points on the body. These points correspond with the energetic signature of various stealth infections which cause Lyme disease and it’s symptoms, as well as toxins that block the flow of detoxification pathways in the body.

The protocol is a process of clearing these entrenched pathogens and toxins, layer by layer. Muscle testing, a method of asking the body questions, determines the priority of treatment in each session. The magnets ultimately encourage a return to balance and homeostasis which enables the immune system to recognize and clear the infections, toxins and disease debris.

Q3: Is this protocol only for Lyme disease, or can it be used on other illnesses?

Yes, it can be used on a variety of other illnesses that have a stealth infection component. There are many co-infections that a tick can transmit, besides the Lyme bacteria; Babesia, Mycoplasma, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Bartonella to name a few, all bringing their own set of symptoms.

Additionally, the tick bite may activate other pathogens already present in the body, such as Epstein-Barr, Shingles, or Cytomegalovirus, once kept at bay by the immune system. The body has a tipping point, which once triggered becomes dysregulated, overburdened, unable to communicate fluently. Lyme, or other infection, then runs amok.

Q4: What is important to take into consideration, from a holistic perspective, when treating a chronic illness?

The short answer is, many things! I am currently enrolled in a year-long clinical mentorship program in which I am learning a roadmap for addressing important factors of chronic illness and the holistic approach to healing. In deciding to enroll, I knew I would come away with a framework for my practice that could contextualize frustratingly disparate and wildly myriad symptoms.

A thorough intake is critical to hit the ground running in the best way for each person. Asking the client what’s going on for them currently, taking a full history, asking what their top concerns are, what types of treatments have and haven’t worked for them in the past, and outlining a plan helps them create order out of chaos and feel held in a process.

Although everyone is different, using the roadmap allows me to gather and assess the client’s symptom profile related to specific stealth infections, and highlight potentially problematic co-factors such as poor detoxification, compromised gut health, biofilm and heavy metals/environmental toxins, dysregulated immunity, imbalanced hormones, and emotional roadblocks.

Q5: How can energy healing compliment the magnetic protocol and other forms of treatment?

Often, there is a significant emotional component to chronic illness. There are the obvious emotional reactions to being ill, such as rage, depression, hopelessness and fear. There can also be older, deeply held traumas and patterns of behavior that get triggered by Lyme and influence the person’s ability to maintain perspective about their illness. Integrating energy clearing protocols in the Astral (emotional) body during sessions allows the client to access and clear these challenging emotions and patterns of behavior so they can be present to themselves and their healing process in the here and now. Regular clearing of the chakras and aura can allow for evolution on many different fronts.

As an example, Lyme is often called the “invisible illness” as outwardly all can appear normal.

There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head” can trigger old feelings of not being seen, heard or believed, perhaps stemming from early childhood experience.

Attention gets focused on being angry with dismissive doctors, or resentful of family members who “just don’t understand”.

Bringing attention back to a healing intention helps realign the client and support the energy clearing process. I encourage my clients to create an intention for themselves that places focus on healing and balance. Then energy healing protocols are applied to clear whatever is in the way of that intention at each subsequent session.

Q6: If there was one piece of advice you could share with someone suffering from chronic illness, what would it be?

Of course everyone has different needs, but it is essential that all those with chronic illness build the body back up while simultaneously addressing infections. Simply doing an anti-microbial strategy such as antibiotics or harsh herbal killing protocols may or may not be successful and could potentially drain the body of its fundamental life force energy needed for homeostasis and balance.

It is powerfully effective to work with a team of practitioners who bring their individual set of skills and are trained to think holistically about your case. An ideal combination might include someone who works on the energetic level of the body, such as a biogmagnetic therapist, energy healer, or acupuncturist, a holistic or open-minded physician who can monitor blood work, someone who specializes in nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities/allergies, detoxification and gut health, and an herbalist who takes a balanced and supportive approach to creating formulas specific for you.

The body is a marvelous self-healing organism – trust it! Taking a strategic, multifaceted approach to healing will result in lasting recovery and wellness.”

Thank you, Ellen.

As you can see, Ellen’s knowledge of chronic illness — the causes and healing protocols — are both expansive and grounded. And her unique approach of  pairing energy healing with the magnetic protocol allows Ellen to facilitate a comprehensive and multifaceted healing process.

If you, or someone you love, suffers from chronic illness, I encourage you to reach out to Ellen and explore options for working with her.  Learn more about Ellen’s magnetic protocol sessions and her energy healing sessions.