My Values-Driven Approach

To crafting your website

Your website should reflect your unique personality and values, attracting the people you love to serve. My process helps you tap into the heart of your business and translate that into a compelling online presence.

Think of me as your guide—we’ll uncover your values, craft a clear message, and build a website that resonates with your ideal clients.

Yael is devoted to her craft. Through a system of deep inquiry and thoughtful reflection, she invites her clients to explore the heart of what motivates their work.

Victoria Leillani

Victoria Leilani, Energy Embodiment

Brand Strategy

Clarify Your Message & Values

We dive deep to uncover who you are, what drives your work, and how to communicate that authentically. Together, we’ll define your brand values and craft a message that resonates with your ideal client and aligns with your mission.

We’ll have two 90 minute Zoom calls to flesh this out; at the end you’ll have a completed Brand Story worksheet that will inform the copy on your website and all your online messaging.

My process helps you create a client centric marketing message that clearly explains what you do and why people need it.

I base our process on the “hero’s journey,” first outlined by comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell in his work The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Many Biblical stories, Star Wars, The Hunger Games and most box office hits use this process. Campbell divides the story arc into 17 different stages, but for creating your own brand story, we focus on four:

  1. Your client has a problem.
  2. Your client, the hero protagonist, is powerless to fix it.
  3. Until they meet a guide (that’s you).
  4. That gives them a plan that helps them fix their problem and return to a place of well-being.

In short, I help you create a clear and compelling message that will be the foundation for all your marketing materials.


write your copy

You have two options for creating the content for your website.

You can choose to write with my tailored frameworks and editing support, or I can bring in one of my trusted copywriters to handle it completely.

You may find it crazy that I — being a web designer and someone who loves creating beautiful websites — tell my clients:

You can have a beautiful website, life-changing services, a pretty logo but it means nothing unless your website is strategically designed to convert.

Your copy, messaging, and content is key to a successful website; the design’s primary role is to support and enhance the message.

We will explore which option is best for you in our initial consultation.

Custom Design

Finally, the Design!

I bring it all together in a beautiful and engaging website. Every design element, image, and word carefully chosen to reflect your brand, values, and message. Your website becomes a powerful tool to attract your dream clients and grow your impact. 

We begin exploring your design preferences even as we work through your brand strategy and copy, so I’ll be able to pull your design preferences into an initial design that supports and enhances your messaging.

We then refine that initial design until you’re dancing with happiness.

6-9 weeks of custom design (timeline personalized to your project) to create your dream website.​

Weekly Zoom meetings keep you in the loop and gather your input along the way. 

If logo design is part of your project, we’ll create that magic while we work on your brand strategy and content.

Launch & Grow

Support and training beyond launch

I provide the tools and knowledge you need to manage your WordPress website, ensuring you can easily update content and expand your online reach

I’m also here to ensure your website continues to work for you. Clients on active hosting and maintenance plans gain access to resources and support to help you maximize your online presence and achieve your goals.

Website style guide to help create a beautiful and cohesive brand across all your online platforms.

1 hour training teaching you how manage your site and make small updates, as needed.

Client support hub and monthly client support webinars to support your online journey.