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How to Build a Successful Energy Healing Practice

A candid conversation with Jill Leigh around how to build a successful energy healing practice.

I wrote a post recently called Heal the Holistic Way that highlighted the healing work of some of my clients. I thought later, well, that’s nice, but why not do a deep dive with my clients so that I can share the wealth of knowledge and experience they each have.

And who better to start with than Jill Leigh of the Energy Healing Institute. Jill’s been an energy healer and educator for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

She’s deeply grounded, infinitely wise, and a straight shooter. No bull sh*t filler stuff, no airy fairy woo stuff.  Just grounded and time-tested principals of energy healing and how to successfully run an energy healing practice.

Which is a monumental task considering that an energy healing practice by its very nature requires monetizing the intangible.  It’s much easier to sell a widget than to sell something you can’t see or feel.

So I asked Jill to share some tips for building a successful energy healing practice, and she shared some fabulous stuff.

And now comes the best part … Q & A with Jill

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