Make Happy Customers with WooCommerce

You want happy, returning customers who love you, so here are eight ways to help you make happy customers with WooCommerce.

No matter how much time and money you invest in building your eCommerce online store, if your customers aren’t happy with their shopping experience, they probably won’t return.  Not good!  You want happy, returning customers who love you and share about their experience with others.

So here are eight ways to help you make happy customers with WooCommerce.

01. Write Great Copy

Okay, this first one is not directly related to WooCommerce, but if your copy sucks, why bother with the rest?  Seriously, great copy is the foundation, so start here.

Know your customers and potential customers and describe your products with them in mind. Write about the benefits of your products and how it will provide value to them.

Clarity trumps persuasion. Provide the information they need to decide if they want the product. No hype needed.

Provide a concise and a long product description. Capture the essentials in the short version —  who’s the product for, what will it do and why is that good. Provide full details in the long version and answer all potential questions about the product.

TIP: Writing great copy doesn’t mean losing your personality and formalizing everything.  Find your own unique voice and write from a place of authenticity.

02. Quality Product Images

A picture is worth more than a thousand words when it comes to online shopping. People want to see what they’re getting. Use high quality photos of your product and show them from different angles and in context.

High quality images can set you apart from your competitors, and you can use them in your marketing efforts by sharing them on Pinterest boards and other social media venues.

TIP: If you invest in high quality, professional photos that will WOW others, add a small watermark (your logo for example) on the images.  This way, when others share your images on social media, you get free marketing.

03. Product Videos

While quality product images are important, product videos give the customer a more realistic experience with the product. There are a few free extensions to add videos to your WooCommerce products, and I recommend this one:

YITH WooCommerce Featured Video

TIP: High quality, professional videos of your products — not generic videos from YouTube of similar products — give your customers an up close and authentic view of your products and can, like the watermarked photos, increase your brand exposure and provide free marketing. 

04. Offer free gifts to your customers

How better to say thank you than giving a gift and showing your appreciation.

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. – William James

Giftable for WooCommerce lets you to give free gifts to your customers based on any number of easy to set up conditions (e.g. total amount and/or number of cart items on checkout). You simply create gift categories, define their conditions, and then decide which products you want to be giftable.  You can select from your existing products,  or add new products and assign them to one or more predefined gift categories. When a customer sees their cart page, they can select gifts if they meet the conditions set up for any of the enabled gift categories.

Happy Customers with WooCommerce - Giftable WooCommerce

TIP: Create a beautiful graphic and share your free gift offer on Instagram and Pinterest. 

05. Testimonials + Free Gift

Real testimonials from your customers are invaluable, but it takes precious time from your customers to leave their reviews. So why not reward them with a free gift?

With Giftable for WooCommerce, you can give a gift to a specific user. You can offer an existing product as a free gift or create a unique gift that is not one of your products.  In other words, you can completely customize the gift you want to offer and select who’s eligible for this gift.

06.  Allow deposits or payment plans on more expensive items

WooCommerce Deposits gives you a few ways to put more expensive products within reach. You can enable deposits on products and then reserve a product until a customer has paid off their balance in full. Or you can enable payment plans, giving customers the option to pay off their balance in installments you specify.Happy Customers with WooCommerce -- WooDeposits

Tip: Ensure your customers know about the payment options for more expensive item by highlighting in the product description.  Put the offer in a colored box or highlighted in some other way so that it doesn’t get lost in the product description.

07. Send emails when an order status changes

Imagine, you place an order online and receive a confirmation email. And then you wait… and wait… and hear nothing else.  Did the order ship? When will I receive it? Will I ever receive it??

Yea, not good! Keep your customers in the loop when the status of their order changes with WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifer.

The “Notify Customer” option in this extension will send emails directly to the customer with any notes you’ve added about their order (visible in the “Status Comment” field). This allows you to let them know what’s happening, whether things are proceeding as normal or if there’s been an exception of some kind.

Tip: You can also use these notes to add a personal note. When an order ships, why not add a friendly note? “Thanks for shopping with us! Hope you enjoy your new shirt!”

08. Live Chat

Even with great product descriptions, product images and videos, customers may still have questions. And, if they must send an email and wait for an answer, you’ll most likely lose the sell. Who has time for that?

Live Chat lets you answer those questions live, while the customer is on your website.

Intercom is a customer platform with a suite of products for live chat, marketing, feedback, and support. And Zapier lets you connect Intercom with WooCommerce.

Intercom & WooCommerce: Better Together

Happy Customers with WooCommerce

These are just a few ways to make happy customers with WooCommerce. There are lots more. Most important — always have your customer in mind.  Seeing things from their perspective will help you provide a great shopping experience.

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