Giftable WooCommerce

Giftable for WooCommerce allows you to offer free gifts to your customers based on any number of easy to set up conditions.

[NOTE: This plugin has been closed as of September 17, 2019 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent.]

If you’ve been around WordPress for a while, you probably know that it powers over 75 million websites (over 26% of websites on the world wide web).  But what you may not know is that WooCommerce, a free eCommerce solution for WordPress, powers over 37% of all online stores. That’s a lot of online stores!

But you need more than an online store; you need happy, returning customers.  And how better to keep customers happy than by rewarding them with free gifts. Something that’s easy to do with our new plugin, Giftable for WooCommerce.

Make Loyal Customers with Giftable WooCommerce

Giftable for WooCommerce allows you to offer free gifts to your customers based on any number of easy to set up conditions (e.g. total amount and/or number of cart items on checkout). You simply create gift categories, define their conditions, and then decide which products you want to be giftable.  You can select from your existing products,  or add new products and assign them to one or more predefined gift categories. When a customer sees their cart page, they can select gifts if they meet the conditions set up for any of the enabled gift categories.

Giftable for WooCommerce Conditions Screenshot

Plugin Features:

  • Unlimited Gifts.
  • Unlimited Conditions/Categories.
  • Can mix multiple conditions, for example a date range and a special user.
  • Conditions: Item, Amount, Roles, User, Category and Date.
  • Hide gifts from store, so they do not show on the Shop page, or use regular products as gifts.
  • WPML ready. Back & Frontend can be translated with PO/MO.  Currently English (default) and German translation.
  • Continious testing with latest WooCommerce versions.
  • Works with PHP 7.
  • Can customize main title for main gifts. Default text is “Choose your free gift.”

What Makes our Gifts Plugin Different:

  • 100% Free.
  • WPML ready.
  • Unlimited everything.

Possible Gift Scenarios:

  • Award customers when they spend $100 (or any other amount you set).
  • Set up date range to offer gifts during a holiday season.
  • Award customers when they buy a specific number of products.
  • Award customers when they purchase a specific product. Buy 1 / Get 1 free for example.
  • Award a specific customer with a free gift.

And we plan to add a lot more options:

  • To create a custom default look for gift items; currently giftable items look like other products.
  • To create custom front-end theme templates with color and layout options.
  • To add more positions where gifts will display, for example, above/below cart, in a popup or widget area. 
  • To make a layout where only a small image will display with a “add to cart” link but without description.
  • To add more cart conditions. For example, countries/locations, monthly/yearly amounts/items for returning customers.
  • To add product/total discounts as gifts (get x% discount for some/all cart items if conditions are met).
  • To add coupons for next purchase as gift

Create the scenarios that best fit your customer base and make your customers feel special and appreciated. It’s easy with Giftable for WooCommerce, a free plugin that you can download from the WordPress plugin repository.

Giftable for WooCommerce

And if you would like a custom look or to perhaps extend the plugin for your specific needs, please contact us and let us know what you need.

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4 thoughts on “Giftable WooCommerce”

  1. Hi Yael, Is it possible to add a gift to a subscription? for example, Subscribe for $9.99 and receive a gift, which the customer can pick one of many?

  2. FIRST: Giftable is brilliant! Love it! Thank you. Second – is it possible to gift a quarterly subscription? What happens once the first quarter goes by? Are they billed?

    • HI Dawnna, Glad you are enjoying Giftable.

      You are not able to gift a quarterly subscription; only one time individual items.


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