Q1: Would you share the backdrop of your journey to becoming a certified energy healing practitioner?

I’ve always sensed knowing on a visceral level. Most psychotherapies I engaged in were mental, so epiphanies would come and go; they never had staying power – I never felt them in my body. When investigating a confusing situation, for example, I would watch myself tell one story one day and a different story the next. Nothing ever stuck.

As soon as I started working with energy, I could feel things shift on a visceral level – I could sense clarity energetically. This was awesome.

The choice I had in the “matter” (literally) was so emancipating.

I wanted to share the news! I also moved towards being an energy-healing practitioner because I’ve been given gifts of “sight.” I use quotations because the sight, for me, is not visual, but visceral.

I feel the beauty that people are. I see them, in this way, in all their glory.

The experience of being with people is profound for me. It’s important that I know how to allow them their privacy, while also offering my skills to them when I can be of service.

Q2: You talk a lot about sovereignty in your work? What does that mean on a personal level and in your work with clients?

Sovereignty is everything. It’s choosing consciousness – conscious energy.

Personally, I wish to live a full life. To me, a full life is a completely open and persistently conscious life – one that embraces the entire range of sensations, emotions, thoughts, energies, and experiences while remaining awake / conscious. To remain conscious is to remain in choice – in non-reactivity. This requires full, continuous awareness. This is sovereignty …almost.

Sovereignty also requires the all-powerful energy of love. Some call this “divine love.” Embracing all that one sees in the energy of love, transmutes those energies and creates a convex energy field of love-made light. This attracts the same; then, sovereignty can’t be undermined by lower energies.

Clients’ eyes light up when I mention “sovereignty.” They instinctively know that it’s something they want and that it’s a key of sorts. Together, we identify areas of their lives in which they’ve chosen the opposite of sovereignty (victimhood) without realizing it. Just this simple seeing is life-changing for them; this sort of “lightbulb” one of my favorite aspects of client work. And, there’s so much more we get to do together (and that they can learn to do, themselves) to align all of themselves (all of their energy) with the beauty of what they want.

Q3: Art and creative expression is an important part of your life and work. Can you talk a little about how that creative expression influences your work as an energy healing practitioner?

I create oil paintings that feel as though they come through me from the earth. They’re abstract but appear three-dimensional. Many are very geological in appearance. The experience of creating them is more of a co-creation experience. It’s as though I‘m a midwife of what wishes to come through. It is a primal, sensual experience for me. So, the results is like an energetic imprint of something other-worldly. Honestly, it’s bliss, ecstacy.

Earth energy is one of the infusions I use during the tablework of my energy sessions. So, infusing the same Earth energy that seems to create “my” artworks is an especially beautiful experience in which to participate. This energy helps to ground my clients in the nature that they are – in all its forms. It’s especially helpful for clients who ge lost in their minds. 

Just as my paintings are created from the ground up, I help my clients find the same tack for their own creations within their lives. 

Connecting below, through, and above oneself is connecting with an infinite alignment. Stability and knowing are resounding here. One naturally moves “forward” by standing still.  We are magical.  Just by taking this straight, connected stand, we shift our energy to a sound groundedness that immediately attracts images and ideas of the same. 

Working with each client in each session is co-creating a work of art – not a static piece of art, but a becoming.  It’s an honor for me to be a midwife of sorts and a humble witness.

So, to answer your question in short: energy work is art work.

Q4: We live in a very noisy world! How does finding inner stillness and silence aid your clients in transformation and healing?

I’m going to be a hypocrite and say (after I’ve said that “sovereignty is everything”) also that inner stillness and silence are everything.

Sitting with oneself is another cornerstone of the guidance I offer.

The cortex can handle only a few variables at a time; whereas, consciousness (the “all”) can handle billions …way more than billions. Connecting with stillness is the smartest thing I do everyday. Sometimes, this involves connecting with my “higher self,” but it need not be anthropomorphized; whatever works on any particular day, to just be. This is where the juice is – all the wisdom in the world (literally) ;-)

Nature is also grace, itself. I also find inner stillness in nature; I find a cleansing, delight, love, appreciation, giddiness… It reforms me back into myself.

Q5: For someone who knows nothing about energy healing, how would you explain it? How does it work, how can it help us, and what is your role in supporting others?

“Energy healing” is not an optimal phrase. The focus of energy work in my practice is consciousness – seeing what is, emotional intelligence – loving/transmuting the emotions/energies that are present (versus reacting to them, for example), and choosing a way forward with intention-setting and energetic alignment.

When scientists remove all they can from their scrutiny, they find a unified field of energy; in other words, a single “thing” that exists only in relation to itself. If you think about this, you’ll notice that this means we create and perceive at the same time. This is amazing, awesome, wondrous, powerful!

This is what “energy healing” is about – seeing and transmuting what you’re perceiving and believing now, and shifting that to what you want to perceive and believe …now.

I help people with these processes – with the seeing, transmuting, choosing, and grounding in that choosing. The goal is for them to do these things on their own, so, most importantly, I teach them how to do all these things themselves.

Thank you, Claire.

For giving us an inside view of what fuels and inspires your energy healing and artwork. 

I really appreciated your deep dives into sovereignty and visceral living, because connecting to that visceral knowing and feeling is foundational for a living a sovereign life. 

FINAL NOTE: Claire decided to suspend her practice and website temporarily but I decided to keep the interview published even if she currently doesn’t have a website