Q1: Would you share the backdrop of your journey to becoming a certified energy healing practitioner?

I would love to.

I’ve experienced many traumas and challenges, and it was these difficulties that led me to seek out ways to ground and regulate myself. I explored many healing modalities for my own healing and evolution, and I also felt my experiences would help me assist others on their healing journeys. 

When I found the Energy Healing Institute and I started applying the tools in my own life, I saw firsthand dramatic changes at the core of my patterns. Wow, this was like finding gold! I also regulated my energies and had greater containment, which was a life changer for me. I knew Jill’s practitioner program was my next step, as I wanted to share this amazing work with others. 

Energy work was my calling and passion, I just needed to find the right school to deepen my gifts and skills. EHI was the perfect fit. And I have seen big transformations not only for myself, but also for my clients.  So, after years of using the skills with myself, I trained with Jill Leigh to become a certified Energy Healing Practitioner, launching my client practice. I now assist clients on their evolutionary journeys, and I love my work! 

I see clients locally, in Evanston, IL, as well as remotely, from anywhere around the globe.

Q2: You’ve been a long time yoga and mindfulness practitioner. How does this influence your practice as an energy healing practitioner?

Yes, I have done many mindfulness practices including, yoga, 5Rhythms dance, Feldenkraise, and meditation, to name a few, for a long time now, some since the 1980s. These practices bring me again and again into the present moment, allowing me to sense subtle energy changes in my client via my hand chakras and assist me in using my clairvoyance system.

They also lead to me being centered and deeply present, which are great gifts I bring to my clients. Non—judgment and acceptance are other benefits of these practices.

Simply being with what is there and inviting the possibility, and holding space, for the client to shift, grow, and evolve as they are ready.

Q3: What does “deep listening” mean to you and how does it guide and inform your energy healing sessions?

Deep listening to me means being in the present moment, sensing energy with my hand chakras, my compassion center, and my clairvoyance system to what a client’s energy is showing me.

This sensing determines which skills I use when in a client session and which skills I teach my clients. It guides the entire process, including which questions I might ask to gain clarity about the presenting issue.

In this way, I facilitate and support their process, the client is the healer, the catalyst for change, which requires a balance of following and guiding, deep listening are the tools I use to dance with this balance.

Q4: Trauma and creating safe spaces is a popular topic these days. How do you create a safe space for your clients and how does that facilitate healing and transformation?

I create a safe space by clearing the space and myself, with energy hygiene skills, as well as having the space be quiet, clean and comfortable.

These are very important to maintain impeccable boundaries and containment so that my energy and my client’s energy do not mingle. This keeps me in neutrality and on an elevated perspective. It is from this place that the client is doing their healing and transformation. I facilitate the process without merging, rather holding space for their healing and evolution.

Q5: For someone who knows nothing about energy healing, how would you explain it? How does it work, how can it help us, and what is your role in supporting others?

Energy Healing is a committed spiritual practice. It utilizes clearing, infusing and balancing energy in the chakras and aura, while on the table receiving an in-person or remote session. As well as practicing energy clearing skills at home to further a client’s work and evolution. During a session, they remain clothed and there is a light touch or hands off the body for the work. 

It’s important for clients to be ready to commit to the change they’d like to create, and to recognize that they are the healer, the catalyst for change. Our partnership as client and practitioner blossoms when the client sees themselves as fully empowered to grow and thrive, as the leader of their evolution.

My role is to facilitate and support their process, guide them to apply resources and tools for healing, and to clear their energy during our in-person or remote sessions. As clients’ lives evolve, changes can occur in how they experience themselves, and in their relationships with others. Sometimes roles and relationships need to shift as clients become more aligned within themselves. New choices and opportunities emerge as they show up for themselves in new and evolved ways


Thank you, Sarah.

For sharing the nuggets that fuel and inspire your work as an energy healing practitioner. 

I really appreciated hearing about how your meditation and other personal practices infuse your work with clients and help you create a safe, healing environment for your clients

If you are looking for a sensitive, compassionate, grounded energy healing practitioner, you’ll want to explore Sarah’s website.

And to learn about working with Sarah and scheduling a session, please visit her Sessions page.