Way Chill Life LLC

Web Design & Development, e-Commerce, Membership, Online Learning


Project Overview

Rachel Collier is a deeply sensitive and gifted healer and Way Chill Life is her platform for sharing her wisdom and gifts.  She provides individual healing sessions and educational workshops around the country.

Original Launch: February 2017
Industry:  Reiki Healing and Education
Target Market: B2C
Location: New Orleans and Los Angeles
Project Type: Web design & Development

Project Goals

Way Chill Life needed a website that would support Rachel’s work and help her spread her message of love and healing. The website we built is both beautiful and powerful. Online learning, membership, e-commerce, and ticket event management allows Rachel to focus more on in person events while the website does much of the administrative tasks.


“Yael has been wonderful to work with. I feel that I picked exactly the right person to create my website because it is a true reflection of me. Didn’t matter where either of us were located; what mattered is we shared many of the same perspectives. Yael got me and my vision — what I do is not the easiest to understand.

I will always recommend Yael in anything she does. Her work is not only efficient but full of grace and love. It’s rare for a website creator to care so much about the work.”


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