Ride the Breath

Web Design & Development


Project Overview

Kathy and Fran are longtime yoga practitioners and teachers and taught Ashtanga yoga for many years.  They now practice and teach simple but profound transformational practices to help us awaken and manifest our highest potential, both collectively and individually.  Their previous website was dated and didn’t accurately reflect who they are now, both as practitioners and as teachers.

Original Launch: April, 2019
Industry:  Yoga and Meditation
Target Market: B2C
Location: Durham NC
Project Type: Web Design and Development

Project Goals

Kathy and Fran wanted the new website to inspire visitors to engage in the journey and to explore the practices offered at Ride the Breath.  That required a visually beautiful design coupled with simple and clear site organization.  Visit the home page and experience a spiritual awakening :).

Seriously, though, it evokes wonder and light and invites the visitor on a journey of awakening. Looking forward to returning to this project in 6 – 9 months to explore how the new website has helped them grow and expand their Durham yoga community.


You are personable, professional, responsible, reliable, dependable and at the same time held us accountable (and still do!) to get our part done!


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