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Brand Story/Logo/Copy/Web Design


Project Overview

Mindy has been a massage therapist for many years and recently added energy healing to her practice. She built her massage therapist practice primarily by word of mouth but wanted to venture into the online world when she was ready to offer energy healing. Mindy is warm and approachable and wanted a website that reflected her core qualities.

Original Launch: January 1, 2019
Industry:  Holistic Healing
Target Market: B2C
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Project Type: Branding, Logo, Copy, Design

Project Goals

This was Mindy’s first website so we started by crafting her unique brand story. Helping her define who she is and the unique gifts and skills she brings to her work. Her logo design came next (that was fun and turned out awesome). We then brought it all together — her unique message, her branding and logo — all integrated into a cohesive and beautiful website.


“I love how approachable you are. You have an incredibly easy going style while maintaining absolute professionalism. It’s great how you are able to take often jumbled rambling and pull out the one golden thread that really matters. Also I get the feeling that your work is just as much about building your clients up as it is about building their websites.”


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