Art of Healing Energy

Web Design & Development


Project Overview

Karla has actively pursued the healing arts for most of her life. She has always been sensitive to metaphysical phenomena and uses that awareness to support others in their own transformational journeys. Along with energy healing, Karla has studied the art of Himalayan singing bowls, learning various relaxation and healing techniques that she incorporates into her practice.

Original Launch: August 2018
Industry:  Small Business
Target Market: B2C
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project Type: Web Design & Development

Project Goals

This is the first website for Art of Healing Energy, and our goal was to create a visually beautiful design around the motif of light and energy.  The logo plays a central role in this design, as light seems to emanate from the center.  The site is optimized for local SEO and Schema optimized to enhance search engine result entries.


Yael has been able to create a beautiful website for me that I would never had dreamed possible. She is an incredible resource and I highly recommend her! She as a good eye for images, and I learned very quickly that I could trust her artistic judgement. She is also very kind, patient, and compassionate in her approach with clients who have limited digital knowledge and experience.


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