Matsliah Sewer Services

Web Design & Development/Logo & Branding


Project Overview

Shmuel Matsliah provides a full range of sewer services, including utility locating and mapping of underground infrastructures. He services both residential and commercial facilities and his client base is divided between English and Hebrew speakers.

Original Launch: March 2018
Industry:  Small Business
Target Market: B2C
Location: Beer Sheva, Israel
Project Type: Web Design & Development

Project Goals

Shmuel’s initial website was created several years ago and it was time for some rebranding.  We designed a modern yet bold new website that included logo design and branding.  A small multilingual site that speaks clearly, both visually and with the words used.


Yael struck just the right balance with the web and logo design — clean, bold and visually appealing.  The redesign also speaks more clearly to my client base, in both languages, allowing me to provide relevant details in both English and Hebrew.


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