Restoring History

Web Design/SEO/Online Strategy


Project Overview

Karla is a restoration expert for residential homes and house museums. She learned by doing her own work, diving into research, working with artisans and craftspeople, and gaining a deep knowledge about historic homes and how to restore them with respect and authenticity. More than 20 years later, she is a respected and trusted expert in the field.

Original Launch: January 1, 2019
Industry:  Historic Restoration
Target Market: B2C/B2B
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project Type: Web Design, SEO, Digital Strategies

Project Goals

Karla had a rather dated website but had not been able to find a web designer that understood what she needed.  Her work and the expertise she brings to her projects is not something many people understand.  We spent quite a bit of time in research and content gathering, so that by the time we began working her site redesign, I  had a deep respect for the work Karla does in restoring history. The results: a beautiful, artistically designed new website.


Yael brings both artistic creativity and technical knowledge to the table. She has helped me achieve a beautiful website that I never thought possible.

I loved working with Yael. She was very patient with the evolution of the design process. She listened and did not rush or pressure me. She let the design unfold as I needed it to. She was very client centered. She was responsive to questions, and helped me understand the process.


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