Pamela Hathaway

Web Design / Brand Story / Copy


Project Overview

Pamela Hathaway is a certified energy healing practitioner who recently launched her own energy healing practice.  Although Pamela has a long and dedicated history as an advocate, facilitator, and organizer—on behalf of nature and those human practices that promote sustainability, resilience, and regeneration— this was her first website.

Original Launch: November, 2021
Industry:  Energy Healing Practitioner
Target Market: B2C
Location: Montpelier VT
Project Type: Web Design, Brand Story, Copy Support

Project Goals

A new website and and a new practice meant our goal for the website was to capture the essence of Pamela’s work in design and words.  We invested quite a bit of time working through Pamela’s brand story and that then informed the the building of the website.  Another obvious goal was to build an online platform that can grow and expand as Pamela’s practice grows.


Thank you so much for being an amazing colleague throughout this entire process. You were generous with your time and ideas, patient and persistent, keeping us on task and on deadline while supporting the unfolding of the process of design and implementation. AND so knowledgeable and fluent with all the intricacies of website design and functionality—what a beautiful and functional website you crafted for me!


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