Energy Healing Institute

Web Design & Development


Project Overview

Energy Healing Institute was founded by Jill Leigh, an energy practitioner and teacher for more than 25 years. She shares her teachings, skills and practices with other practitioners seeking to integrate energy healing into their lives and their client practice.

Original Launch: February 2017
Industry:  Energy Healing and Education
Target Market: B2C
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project Type: Web design & Development

Project Goals

Energy Healing Institute’s website was long overdue for a major upgrade, both in terms of design and functionality. We removed WooCommerce and replaced with a custom post type designed specifically around the courses Jill teaches. We also created some custom payment forms to process the select products offered. A beautiful, clean, and elegant design coupled with the highly targeted custom solutions makes the site beautiful, powerful, and lean (no extra stuff to weight it down!).


“I had no idea how this was all going to come together, but I quickly realized that you had most (if not all) of the answers at your fingertips. You’re amazing.

I’m very grateful to you for the excellent work you provided with my website relaunch. I know you put in a lot of time and effort to see things through, and the site reflects your care, efficiency and attention to detail. Thank you!”


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