Satu Ferentz

Web & Logo Design/StoryBrand/Copy


Project Overview

Satu Ferentz has been a massage therapist for 40 years. While all the massage techniques Satu uses are infused with energy work, she recently expanded her practice to include dedicated energy work. Her previous website was outdated and included only her work as a massage therapist.

Original Launch: March, 2020
Industry:  Massage Therapy & Energy Work
Target Market: B2C
Location: New York, NY
Project Type: Web & Logo Design, Branding, Copy

Project Goals

Satu wanted a new website to more accurately reflect who she is, both as a massage therapist and an energy worker.  She brings many unique elements to her work that distinguish her from a “typical” massage therapist.  Not only the energy work but her long and dedicated meditation practice.  Her new website clearly conveys who she is and shows the quality and commitment she brings to her clients.


I really appreciate that you bring artistic creativity, technical knowledge and a business head together along with the patience to educate me in the process. You are a true artist in a very technical medium- and I’m so glad you are using that talent to help less technically savvy people- like me!


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