Wooden Horse Strategies, LLC

Web Design & Development


Project Overview

Wooden Horse Strategies (WHS) is Kyiv based, boutique consulting firm specializing in governmental relations, public affairs, and risk analysis for business and public officials. With nearly two decades of Ukraine experience and capability, Wooden Horse provides clients with innovative solutions that achieve results for their businesses and policy objectives.

Original Launch: April 2017
Industry:  Political and Business Consulting
Target Market: B2C
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Project Type: Web design & Development

Project Goals

Wooden Horse Strategies needed a website that would function as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, and that would present a professional image that reflects the services Wooden Horse Strategies LLC provides. A lightweight yet bold design communicates the professionalism and experience that Wooden Horse Strategies brings to their clients.


“Our organization needed to create and develop a website on short notice. Yael managed the process brilliantly which freed us up to focus on other work. She is both professional and comfortable to work with and we strongly recommend her to anyone looking to create and/or manage a website.”


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