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It’s More Than a Website

Where’s the heart of your website?

Ever walked into a room and just felt something was off? No, it wasn’t the picture hanging crooked on the wall or the furniture arrangement.  It was just a feeling in your gut that something wasn’t right.

A room holds more than pictures and furniture; it also holds a myriad of events, memories, feelings,  conversations, and conflicts that people have experienced in that room.  And it holds all this in its’ heart.  Yes,  a room has a heart – one that you can feel and sense  – and so does your website.

Where’s the heart of your website?

HeartYou may have all the technical pieces in place but still be missing something.  And that something missing may be the heart of the matter.

Kind of like walking in that room and feeling that something was off, a website can appear to have it all together and still be deader than a doornail!

Ever wonder about this phrase?  I mean, what the heck does deader than a doornail really mean? Although there are various explanations, this one makes a lot of sense to me:

If you hammer a nail through a piece of timber and then flatten the end over on the inside so it can’t be removed again (a technique called clinching), the nail is said to be dead, because you can’t use it again. (from World Wide Words).

Something that’s deader than a doornail, then, is of no further use; it had one shot at glory – to be hammered through that piece of wood – and that’s the end of the story.

If your website is missing your heart, then it is very possible that your visitors will not return.

Why? Because we all are looking for connection – real heart connection – and we move on when we don’t find it.  Conscious of it or not, we want to connect.

Ok, great, but how the heck do you put your heart into a website?

Great question, but the answer is really simpler than you might think — the same way you put your heart and soul into anything.


Be fully present and centered when you are working on your site, and allow both the creation stage and later the maintenance/updates stage to flow organically and from a centered heart place.  Practically, this means not allowing technical challenges to cause emotional upheaval 🙂 – much easier said than done – but still possible.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to set up that new auto-responder and feel yourself getting tense,time to take a break and find your way back to calm. Use whatever method works for you – prayer, meditation, a few minutes of quiet, a short walk outside.  It can be as simple as sitting quietly, focusing on your heart and breath, and bringing peace into that inner space.

I personally use a combination of prayer and meditation, but find something that works well for you and return to the task when you are relaxed and peaceful.

If you are working on a new design with a web designer and the design just isn’t coming together, try to get as clear as you can about what you want. One way to do this is to spend some time looking at other sites, as that will help you clarify what you want AND what you don’t want.

And, write the content for your site from a quite, peaceful heart space.  It really does influence the heart and feel of your site, and people will sense it just as you do when you walk into a room and feel either peaceful or uneasy.


Share your humanity; it’s what connects us all. That means sharing your knowledge and expertise but from a place of humility and gratitude. Thank those who’ve helped you and share your personal mistakes. Who knows – it might save someone else from making the same mistake.


Be yourself. No need for makeup and veneers.  We all want to “prettify” our lives at times, especially when we are in business, but leave some raw, unedited material in your site/life/business. It makes life interesting and helps us CONNECT, which really is the point.

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7 thoughts on “It’s More Than a Website”

  1. Paul,

    Actually, thank you and all the other awesome, sensitive, and deeply spiritual EFT practitioners out there!

    If I hadn’t discovered EFT, Kalanit Designs probably would have died a few years ago. But, instead, I’ve found new passion and perspective about life, web design, business, spirituality, and being in service.

    Yea EFT!


  2. Yael,

    YES!! I’m sitting here with a big smile on my face. It’s great to see a designer talking about issues of mindfulness and creating your web presence from a centered inner space. There is so much noise on the web. Thanks for doing your part to allow more heart and clarity to blossom in the online world.

  3. Hello Sis,
    Sure wish you would create the perfect website for me! I am so impressed and proud!
    Thinking of you!

  4. Right on Yael,

    I love your description of a heart centered website that connects with clients, such as the beautiful site that you created for my myself, which totally reflects “me”.
    In appreciation,
    Dolly Reinhardt

    • Hi Dolly, thanks for the kind words. Wasn’t too hard to connect to what you were about –the name, TLC bookkeeping, says it all.

      Jim, it’s true isn’t it – greatness and quality are often found in how we do the small, seemingly insignificant tasks!


  5. Hi Yael,

    Loved the part about how my state of being during the writing/design process comes through anyway. Reminds me of the movie, “Like Water for Chocolate”. I really appreciate the way you focus on how the little things can have so much impact for my prospects/readers. Like not always being so “prettified” 😉

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