Energy Embodiment

Web Design / BrandStory / Copy Support


Project Overview

Victoria had a do it yourself WIX website for years and it fell way short of representing the quality and caliber of Victoria’s work as an energy healer and embodiment coach. It was time to fix the visual dissonance between her website and her practice!

Original Launch: August, 2023
Industry:  Hypnotherapy and Coaching
Target Market: B2C
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Project Type: Web Design, BrandStory, Copy Support

Project Goals

Our work together began with crafting Victoria’s brand story – diving deep into who she works well with and how her unique approach to energy healing supports her clients.  We then weaved that into strong, engaging, and effective copy and pulled it all together in a beautiful website.


Yael is devoted to her craft. Through a system of deep inquiry and thoughtful reflection, she invites her clients to explore the heart of what motivates their work.

My favorite part about working with Yael is that I can trust her implicitly to  build a rock-solid infrastructure for my site and to tend to its safety as if it were her own.

Yael is deeply caring and devoted to producing and tending to a beautiful product that functions impeccably.

Victoria Leilani

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