Good Work Partnership

Web Design / Logo / Brand Story / Copy Support


Project Overview

Good Work Partnership is a consulting agency for non-profits.  Their distinctive approach includes providing data-driven analysis to help non-profits achieve their vision, craft high-impact strategy, and do their good work even better.

Original Launch: January, 2023
Industry:  Consulting
Target Market: B2C
Location: Sacremento, CA
Project Type: Web Design, Logo Design, Brand Story, Copy Support

Project Goals

Good Work Partnership is a fairly new consulting firm and this was their first website.  The goal was to create an engaging, warm, and informative website that would serve as Good Work Partnership’s representative in abstentia and to make it easy for non-profits to get started.


Here at Good Work Partnership, we really enjoy working with people who feel called to their work, listen to their clients, and help them shine even brighter.

That’s the reason it was such a rewarding experience to work with Yael and Pixel Happy Studios.  She elicited our best ideas and then captured them in visual imagery.

She is incredibly professional and kept our process moving along.   Her services were invaluable in helping us develop and translate our vision for Good Work Partnership into this website.

Kathleen, Lennard, Ed.D

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