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This post was inspired by Carrie Dil’s recent blog post, Be a Lovecat.

This post was inspired by Carrie Dil’s recent blog post, Be a Lovecat. I’ve felt so much gratitude lately and had considered writing personal emails to these folks to express my gratitude. Carrie’s post inspired me to express my gratitude publicly.

First, to Carrie, for inspiring me to re-engage in web design with thoughtfulness and skill. I was almost ready to throw 13 years of learning and experience to the wind and pursue only my yoga passions.  I was burned out and weary of web design (or so I thought), but Carrie’s approach to marketing and web design reignited the love and passion I felt when I first embarked on this career.  The quality and quantity of the material and resources you freely share is both an inspiration and a challenge. I bow in respect and deep admiration to your skills, your generosity, and your overall approach to business and web design.

Second, to Eric Hamm. You know I wasn’t happy with your initial decision to retire Catalyst, but I see now that it was a wise business decision — both for you and for the Catalyst community. Thank you for providing amazing tools that make my life as a web designer both easier and more enjoyable. And thanks for pushing us “out of the nest” and into bluer skies.

Bluer skies being the Genesis/StudioPress community, full of amazingly gifted, intelligent, articulate, and generous folks! Carrie Dils being one of them, plus a few more I want to mention.

How can you love StudioPress without being grateful for Brian Gardner — creator of most of the awesome StudioPress themes! Thank you, Brian — yes, for the awesome themes — but also for being available and supportive to those of us who use your themes to build our web design business.

Your skill, your commitment to excellence, your business ethics and integrity, shine brightly in all you do!

Finally, I want to thank SridharKatakam for the almost daily “How To” tutorials you share. You are my first stop when I’m looking to learn how do something with Genesis or a StudioPress theme. And a really big thank you for the recent tutorial you posted — Adding a widget area below header in Agency Pro. I am using this theme for my donation based yoga studio, Simply Be Simply Yoga, and this is exactly what I wanted to do!

In short, it is because of these people and others that I am continuing with web design AND pursuing my dream to open to a donation based yoga studio 🙂 — I’m deeply grateful for the renewed inspiration.


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