Suzanne West

Web Design & Logo Design


Project Overview

Suzanne West is a deeply sensitive and grounded Akashic Records guide with a rich healing background. She studied  many different healing modalities but found her home in the Akashic Records. She brings a warmth and calmness to her practice and is a very grounded practitioner—something that is rare in this metaphysical arena

Original Launch: November 2017
Industry:  Alternative & Holistic Health
Target Market: B2C
Location: Delaware, USA
Project Type: Web design / Logo Design

Project Goals

Suzanne has been providing Akashic Records sessions for a while but had yet to establish an online presence. She wanted her website to be an online portal for her clients and prospective clients to learn about the Akashic Records and to explore the various types of sessions that she provides.


I would HIGHLY recommend you and your services. You are really good at what you do, with a big-picture overview of a whole website plus all the details of the bits and pieces. I really felt like you had my back with your ability to keep everything together on the technical side and also respond to my questions and requests. And you have such a pleasant and calm way about you that I appreciate very much!


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