Deborah Donndelinger

Web Design & Development


Project Overview

I have known and worked with Deborah on websites and on personal growth and healing. Me doing the websites; Deborah guiding me in my own healing journey. Although her previous website served her well for several years, it in no way reflected and integrated the healing practitioner Deborah is today. Deborah has studied deeply several profound healing modalities and has integrated them in a way that is truly unique.

Original Launch: February, 2019
Industry:  Alternative Healing
Target Market: B2C
Location: Sykesville MD
Project Type: Web Design and Development

Project Goals

Deborah’s new website needed to seamlessly integrate her main healing modalities as well as organize her podcasts and resources so that visitors can easily navigate and find what they need.  It also needed to visually reflect the intensive work Deborah has done the last year crafting her unique client focused story.  Actually, this work made the web design piece come together with ease and grace.  Not only is the new website absolutely beautiful; it is also highly functional and user friendly.


Yael created the most stunning, beautiful, and functional website ever! She has an eye for beauty and minimalist design, and pays close attention to the details. And, she has an amazing ability to tune into each person’s energy and create a website that reflects that.


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