Aviad Realty

Web and Logo Design


Project Overview

Eva is a long time real estate agent in Jerusalem, Israel serving high end clients with beautiful, luxury apartments. Her website is the foundations of her business and she needed a site that makes it easy to navigate available apartments and initiate the rental, buying process.

Original Launch: June, 2023
Industry:  Real Estate
Target Market: B2C
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Project Type: Web Design, Logo Design, Copy Support

Project Goals

The latest redesign focused on ease of use with clearly defined pathways for the user. As there are lots of neighborhoods in Jerusalem, the main rental and sales pages are organized by area, making it easy to see available listings in the preferred area.  We also created a dedicated newest listings page to quickly see the latest listings for rent and for sale.


Yael has been taking care of my website, both visually and with ongoing support, for 20 years now. She’s an extension of my business and makes having a website that supports my clientele and my business pain and worry free. I’m so grateful to have her on my team.


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