Stories engage us, but most people in business are so close to what they do, they tell their own story instead of their client’s story. When you make your marketing message about your potential client and use proven strategies on your website and marketing material, people engage and your business grows.

My process helps you create a client centric marketing message that clearly explains what you do and why people need it.

I base our process on the “hero’s journey,” first outlined by comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell in his work The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Many Biblical stories, Star Wars, The Hunger Games and most box office hits use this process. Campbell divides the story arc into 17 different stages, but for creating your own brand story, we focus on four:

  1. Your client has a problem.
  2. Your client, the hero protagonist, is powerless to fix it.
  3. Until they meet a guide (that’s you).
  4. That gives them a plan that helps them fix their problem and return to a place of well-being.

In short, I help you create a clear and compelling message that will be the foundation for all your marketing materials.