My Approach to Life and Work

Background. Philosophy. Strategy


An inside look

Pixel Happy Studio is a small WordPress web design studio run full time by me, Yael, and a few amazing strategic partners. I make beautiful and meaningful web experiences via web design, logo design, and brand identity. I work well with visionaries, creatives, professionals, and educators. People who aim for excellence and want to make the world a little better.


My Core Desire

I believe heart connection and wholeness allow us to discover our unique gifts. When we refine and form those gifts into a service others need, it becomes a source of financial and heart health — for you and for those you serve. My core desire is to help you create an authentic presence on the web, so you can serve those you are here to serve and be nourished and supported by your work.


A Holistic Approach

Some businesses have a product; others, like me, are the product. My work is an extension and a reflection of my life. I take a synergic approach to living and to web design. In web design, this means I integrate several individual components into one cohesive process to ensure your online success.

You can build a website in a day but it takes time to lovingly craft an online presence. It takes time to understand your gifts and your goals and then to shape that into a website. We can help.