Two Design Pathways.

Your Brand, Your Pace: Choose the design pathway that aligns with your preferred level of engagement. Both options offer a structured process and a thoughtfully crafted outcome, with the key difference being how we collaborate on your brand strategy.

Working with Yael has been an excellent experience. She is knowledgeable, thorough and patient. She really cares about her work and she created a beautiful new website that brings a new level of professionalism to my business.”

Pam Krewson, Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions

1. Express Design Pathway

This pathway is ideal for clients who already have a clear vision for their design preferences, brand messaging, and target audience.

Description: You have a good idea of your design preferences and messaging and can refine that using my frameworks and discovery forms. You’ll complete the required discovery forms and then send those details to me, allowing us to move more quickly into the build and design phase.

Your ability to handle the prep work on your own means we can jump straight into a discovery call and begin working on your logo, copy, and website.

The Express pathway includes one 75-minute discovery session after your initial form submissions and completion of provided guides and frameworks. Weekly Zoom calls during site build.

Express Design Project – These projects run between $5000 and $6900, depending on whether you opt for professional logo design and / or copywriting services.

2. Brand Builder Pathway

This pathway is perfect for those launching a new business and need full branding support. Meaning, you need help defining your design preferences, target audience, overall branding and messaging.

Description: You’re likely starting from scratch and need comprehensive guidance in developing your brand identity.We’ll work together to shape and mold your design preferences, define your target niche, and craft a compelling brand story.

This holistic approach ensures we create a cohesive and impactful brand from the ground up, covering all aspects before moving into the actual design and development phase.

The Brand Builder pathway includes three 90-minute discovery sessions and a 3-week intensive collaboration to map out your messaging and design preferences. Weekly calls during site build.

Brand Builder projects – These projects generally run around $8500. Includes professional logo design and copywriting services.

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