Clarity Energy Healing

Web & Logo Design / Brand Story / Copy Support


Project Overview

Corinne recently launched her practice as an energy healing practitioner and soul guide. She wanted a new website that reflected the depth of her own personal journey and that clearly expressed her approach to energy healing.

Original Launch: January, 2023
Industry:  Energy Healing Practitioner
Target Market: B2C
Location: Peekskill New York
Project Type: Web & Logo Design, Brand Story, Copy Support

Project Goals

A new website and and a new practice meant our goal for the website was to capture the unique essence of Corinne’s work in design and words. We worked extensively on Corinne’s brand story, which then guided the building and design of her website.  A powerful reflection of Corinne’s own personal journey, which infuses her life and work as an energy healing practitioner.


If you are looking to get started on a new or developing website, Yael is a wise choice. She’s compassionate, task orientated and knows her craft.

She can help you refine the details of your ideas and bring them into reality. I knew how important my website and branding was to the start of my business and I so appreciate Yael’s guidance and support.



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