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branding and marketing

What’s your story? Better yet, what’s your client’s story?

Connecting with your audience starts by understanding THEIR story and showing them it’s possible to write a better story.

Typewriter Stories Matter
A colorful picture showing human energy and aura

Client Interviews

How to Build a Successful Energy Healing Practice

A candid conversation with Jill Leigh around how to build a successful energy healing practice.

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Social Media

The Surprise of Social Media

Lessons learned from my ten-year social media journey.

Social Media People on devises
Street traffic in India representing the overwhelm we can experience in social media


How to Navigate Social Media

Focus. It’s critical in all areas of learning and development and it’s even more critical with the advent of social media.

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Paid Membership Pro Sponsored Seats

Paid Membership Pro Sponsored Seats

I wrote a post recently about our CUSTOM PLUGINS FOR PAID MEMBERSHIP PRO and today I focus specifically on our Paid Membership Pro Sponsored Seats plugin.

Giftable WooCommerce

Giftable for WooCommerce allows you to offer free gifts to your customers based on any number of easy to set up conditions.

Swimmer Competing

Membership Site PreDiscovery

There is no “best” membership plugin. It all depends on specifically what you need for your membership site.