Build Your List the Right Way with Thrive Leads

Building an email list is probably one of the smartest things you can do, and you need the right tools (plugins) to do it right.

Building an email list is probably one of the smartest things you can do, and you need the right tools (plugins) to do it right.

I admit, though, I’ve not invested sufficiently in building my own list.

Two primary reasons for this:

  1.  I didn’t want to be pushy / salesy / etc.
  2. I absolutely hate those annoying and intrusive popup boxes trying to get me to subscribe. Even though many reputable folks say they work, I hate them and have refused to use them (or recommend them to my clients).

Because I don’t want or recommend just building an email list. Instead build a quality email list. By that, I mean provide valuable content to your readers and readers who value that content join your email list. Value on both sides.

Because, really, it’s about more than just building your list. It’s about relationship.

Enter Thrive Leads (not an affiliate link), a lead generation plugin that helps you build your list the right way. So many things I love about this plugin, but here are some highlights.

Advanced, Precise Targeting

Imagine, you’re reading an article about photography and all the sudden an opt-in form appears that offers you a dog training course.

Doesn’t make much sense, right? But this is what happens if you’re not using proper targeting and simply show the same opt-in offer to all of your website visitors.

The Thrive Leads targeting feature allows you to show unique opt-in offers that are totally in line with the content your visitor is reading.

Smart Links

Why interrupt a subscriber from reading your latest post by repeatedly asking them to subscribe to your email list?

And the other option, being Miss Timid, lets interested leads fall through the cracks because they didn’t see your tiny, unobtrusive opt-in form.

SmartLinks ends this nonsense.

With Smartlinks, you can hide your sign up forms from those who’ve already subscribed or you can display a completely different form.  A few examples:

  1. Replace your regular opt-in forms with special offers and upsells to your existing subscribers.
  2. Remove the subscribe form and add a link for special offers.  The reader chooses to open the light box — much more polite than those annoying and intrusive popup boxes!

Trigger Options

Choose exactly when and how your opt-in forms appear with time-based or interaction-based triggers. A/B test different triggers to increase conversions.

And much more…

This post only scratches the surface of what you can do with Thrive Leads. I was just so excited to find a lead generation plugin that allows me to build my list and honor my readers that I had to share.

And, yes, I will soon be adding Thrive Leads to Pixel Happy Studio 🙂

You’ll find lots more details and videos on the Thrive Leads website.