Adding Code into Joomla Content Items

A short screencast showing you how to add code to into Joomla content items

If you’ve tried to figure this one out, you may have discovered the apparent difficulty — you can’t actually do that.  Well, at least not directly. But you can include any module within a content item in Joomla 1.5.

So the first thing you need if you want to include affiliate code, a paypal button, a newsletter subscription form, etc. into a content item is to download and install Mod HTML for Joomla 1.5.  Once installed, you can add your html, javascript, affiliate code, or paypal code into the Mod HTML and then load that module directly into a content item.

Showing you how to include a module into a content item is much easier than trying to explain, so I created a brief 5 minute screen cast that will walk you through the steps.  I’ll include the embedded youtube video below, but to view a really clear screen cast version, go to my account.

If you still have questions, then please post here and I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

YouTube video

note: the snippet you need to load a custom module into a Joomla content item — {loadposition position_name} — position_name is the custom position you created when you created the new mod_html module.

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    • Wahoo, Norman, I’m happy the instruction helped you. It is such a great feeling to finally “get” this.

      Have fun with your Joomla site (s).


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